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Founder. Creative. Philanthropist. Well-being advocate. Spiritual and yogi.


From creative to non-profit specialist

Fuelled with deep devotion and drive, I am committed to making the world a better place. While this has always been at the core of my very being, this desire became more apparent to me after a yoga and surf retreat early 2023, when I went to Portugal to reconnect with myself.

There’s only one of me running Healthy Pixels, but with years of professional experience in advertising and marketing, along with thorough research into the third sector, I deliver designs that really hit home and build trust.

Photo of Healthy Pixels founder Monika in the snow.


Moments of happiness

My accent is the result of growing up in Norway, spending a year in Australia, and finally living in the UK since 2018, where I’ve later met my Swedish boyfriend.

Every morning, you’ll find me stretching, doing deep breathing exercises, and connecting with my body and mind. And every now and then, you’ll even find me at a sound bath or other meditative events.

True to my roots, I enjoy hiking and spending time outdoors – and once spent a week alone in the Norwegian mountains. Amazing.

I’m not all spirituality, though. I also enjoy baking, painting and other creative projects, as well as swimming, going to concerts, listening to podcasts and reading books. And, while I’m reluctant to admitting it, I suppose TV is a hobby as well.

Monika on the beach looking at the ocean.


My journey here

I completed a BA in Graphic Design in 2019, obtained from Noroff Education in Norway and Teesside University in England. Shortly after, I moved to Manchester to join the marketing team at a finance company – growing from Digital Designer, to Marketing Product Manager with a team of four designers under me over the next 4+ years.

In my career so far, I’ve built more than 20 high-converting websites, where I’ve done everything from design to development to visuals and content.

Monika and two friends at their graduation at Teesside University.