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Non-profits | May 3, 2024 | By Monika Halsan

Connect Charity: Trusted Partner and member

Healthy Pixels recently became an official member and Trusted Partner of Connect Charity: a hub helping businesses and charities connect, collaborate and create value.

With this membership, Healthy Pixels is now equipped with even more tools to do further “business for good and making a real difference.”

Connect Charity Business Member 2024 and Healthy Pixels logos.

What is Connect Charity?

Connect Charity is a hub helping businesses and charities connect, collaborate and create value. As a member, this means Healthy Pixels now has more access to partners and resources that will help reach Corporate Social Responsibility goals, and even the opportunity to become CSR accredited.

They believe in lasting and tangible results for everyone and every community.


Connect Charity’s purpose is:

“Turning potential into reality by making connections and improving communities and making business more sustainable for future generations.”

Who can join Connect Charity?

The hub is open for charities and businesses alike. As a charity, the membership is completely free of charge, and all you need to do is show your commitment to social impact. Businesses benefit from a members directory that helps them find the best charity partner to maximise their social impact, CSR resources, and a network of like-minded people.

Healthy Pixels as a Connect Charity Trusted Partner

Connect Charity is in partnership with a selection of businesses they believe in – and as of publishing this post, Healthy Pixels is one of six Trusted Partners.

Connect Charity are proud to work in partnership with the businesses listed. We recognise that they do business in a responsible way and believe in adding social impact and support where they can. We believe that working with like-minded businesses leads to delivering good business and business for good.

Discount for Connect Charity members

If you’re a member of Connect Charity, you also benefit from a further 10% discount on your first project with Healthy Pixels. Simply show proof of your membership and this will be accounted for in your invoice. And yes, this applies both to charities and businesses within the hub!

Feeling grateful

Healthy Pixels has opened many doors to amazing partnerships around the UK and even worldwide – it’s inspiring to see the amount of companies doing good whether it’s as a nonprofit or even supporting them.

A lot is happening in the background, and it won’t be long until several free resources will be available. Did you join the recipient list yet?

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