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Apex Homes

Website redesign for renovation company in Dubai

Computer monitor displaying the new Apex Homes website.

Apex Homes provides a full package of quality villa renovations in Dubai, turning clients' houses into dream homes they love inside and out. Between the two co-founders, they have supported more than 50 clients in optimising their properties, tailored to their unique lifestyles and redefining comfort and lifestyle.

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Rewrote existing copy and added more to provide more value


Structure, design, content, development and launch

Development time

3 months - Dec 2023 - Mar 2024


I was introduced to Apex Homes in December 2023, as they had encountered issues with their existing website. As many do, they had built their website themselves, without a real strategy and plan other than getting their name and contact details on the web.

But when wanting to push lead generation, they struggled to implement the appropriate tracking codes etc. and found that it hadn’t been built with the future in mind.

After an initial assessment, I identified 4 main challenges:

  • While sticking to a colour palette, the branding was limited
  • The homepage did not state their what, who and how
  • There was no clear Call to Action (CTA) on any pages
  • The contact form didn’t refer to all their services

By analysing these challenges, I proposed a full website audit including new copy.

Website copy

After presenting an example of the updated homepage content, Apex decided to pay me to do the copy for the full website. My main focus was generating a tone of voice that matches their personalities and speaks to their high-end clients, putting their clients and their benefits at the centre of every message.

Here are a couple of examples of some before-and-after copy:

Why choose us section


  1. Quality: Services performed with attention to details using quality materials
  2. Reliability: A dedicated team will be assigned to each project
  3. Communication: An assigned project manager will provide timely updates throughout your project
  4. On time: We pride ourselves on completing projects on time


  1. Redefine comfort and lifestyle with premium materials and execution.
  2. Enjoy peace of mind with the expertise of a dedicated team.
  3. Stay at ease and informed with transparent, timely updates.
  4. Plan confidently with reliable timelines.


Rather than saying what they do, we’re explaining the benefits for their clients – showing what these steps actually mean for them.


Before: “Apex Homes has been founded to provide clients with fully-supported renovation services.”

After: “Apex Homes provide fully-supported renovation services.”

Outcome: To-the-point, removing unnecessary words.

Branding the website

While a target audience I’m not particularly used to, I saw the high-end target group as a fun challenge. After conducting research and creating moodboards on high-end designs, I felt inspired to play around with their logo icon and colour palette.

Playing with angled shapes and lines, we were eventually left with elegant transitions and effects between the different sections and layout types.

Some of these angled layouts were of the more challenging layouts I’ve done coding wise, but that’s what I love about what I do. There’s always something new to learn, and what better way to do that than by going the extra mile for your clients!

Below, I’ve presented the old homepage, with limited information about what they do, who they are or anything else, and their new homepage. This shows a stronger brand identity, clearer services and what makes them unique, and a clear funnel to get their visitors to take action.

Screenshot of Apex Homes old homepage.
Screenshot of Apex Homes new homepage.

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