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The logo icon for ecoAvenue.


Branding and app design for recycling and waste management

Mockup of three screens from the ecoAvenue app.

ecoAvenue is a passion project that I've come to love due to its simplicity and colour palette - created for a fictive organisation dedicated to making recycling and waste management easy, convenient, and sustainable.


Down to earth, simple yet memorable and effective

App design

User interface with a focus on user experience for good flow


Z-fold brochure created in InDesign

Mockup of brochure designed for ecoAvenue.

Logo creation

Wanting to create a simple icon inspired by an infinity symbol, I played around with many shapes before I realised I had a lightbulb moment. Using one half as the O in the name, and the second half to replicate the triangle from the recycle symbol itself, I suddenly felt very inspired.

Below are some of the many steps the icon shape went through.

Process of the ecoAvenue logo icon development.

First trying one of the icon options together with my font choice – with the O and A at equal height – I saw that could work, but felt I needed to distinct the two words somewhat more. Picking up the third icon from above, I then put the text on slightly different bases.

As the V next to the A was on a completely different angle with the original font, I flipped the A shape for a better match. I also opted for a slightly less bold variation of the typeface.

I no longer felt the N and U fit the rest of the lettering, so altered these as well, and finally rounded off the corners for all letters – before adding colour.

Process of the ecoAvenue logo development.

App design

The goal was to design a user-friendly mobile app with an intuitive interface for waste collection schedules, recycling guides, a recycling centre locator, and waste tracking features.

I also had a strong focus on usability and UX for this design, ensuring a smooth experience.

User interface for the ecoAvenue app.


The z-fold brochure holds information about the ecoAvenue organisation, as well as some mind opening stats about recycling, and a list of app benefits.

It has a clear hierarchy, helping the user navigate the full content with ease.

Brochure design for ecoAvenue.

Brand guide

With all branding and visual elements in place, I put these into an accessible guide to ensure all designs stay consistent.

Examples of pages from the ecoAvenue brand guide.

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