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The logo icon for enough.


Branding and web design for an organisation against domestic abuse

T-shirt and wristband mockup for the no more campaign.

enough is an organisation working to end domestic abuse. Healthy Pixels has developed the visual identity, website design as well as their "no more" campaign.


Powerful colour palette, along with descriptive graphics


Website sitemap, wireframe, web design and development


Digital and printer marketing material for "no more" campaign

Mockup showing ad assets for the no more campaign.

Building the brand

With full creative freedom for this project, I wanted to see if pink and black could be the right direction for the enough branding – and it definitely is. When used correctly, pink can feel like such as impactful colour, and along with black, the enough brand speaks encouragement.

I also wanted to highlight the word “no” within the logo, as it fits not only the “no more” campaign but the overall concept of the organisation as well.

The font used and graphic that have been created have a softness about them, communicating a welcoming and friendly brand.

Examples of the pages from the enough brand guide.

Website presence

The website features help for those living in domestic abuse, as well as those supporting a victim or wanting to learn more about abuse.

It provides stats and information about domestic abuse to make victims feel less alone. The anonymous testimonials also further build trust.

An “Exit site” button is present at all times, should the visitor need to leave the site immediately.

Mockup of the website for domestic abuse organisation enough.

"No More" campaign

I created a range of images to use for social media – some of which are more text heavy, and some that play more on graphics only. By alternating the background colour, a creative yet repetitive pattern is created.

In addition to the digital ads, I designed t-shirts and bracelets.

T-shirt and wristband mockup for the no more campaign.

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