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The logo icon for FarmPresterud.


Visual identity for an organic food brand

The logo for FarmPresterud.

FarmPresterud is a food brand that primarily produces organic and local meat products such as sausages and burgers. Healthy Pixels created their visual identity and product labels.


The visual identity such as logo, colour palette and font usage was put into a simple manual for easy access.


Materials including signage, labels for a variety of food products.

Branding process

FarmPresterud wanted a clean, minimalistic, and modern logo. They wanted to try a logo icon visualising a farm or similar, and were clear on the intention of a simple logo.

Finding the right expression after some concepts and revisions, they were concerned it didn’t communicate the business enough. This is when I suggested we created a branded pattern to complement the logo. Not only could this be placed on a range of formats and spaces, but it would also allow for just the simple logo to be used.

Both the pattern and the logo are strong as stand-alone pieces and in conjunction.

The FarmPresterud logo and pattern.

Logo manual

To further define the visual identity, the logo, pattern, colour palette and fonts were placed in an accessible logo manual.

Such a manual includes guidelines to ensure the style stays consistent across different touchpoints, creating a strong brand identity.

Mockup showcasing the logo style guide for FarmPresterud.

Marketing materials

As a company that sells physical products, FarmPresterud needed product labels. Healthy Pixels helped create these for products such as burgers, sausages, bbq extras, and more.

Labels for food products sold at FarmPresterud.


I was told by Dag [Vestbi AS] that he was very happy with you. I sent you an email and received a quick response.

After submitting the logo questionnaire, I didn’t really have any ideas for the logo, apart from wanting something clean, simple and stylish. You soon came up with several good ideas which were close to what I wanted. After some revisions based on my wishes, you presented more suggestions that better and better aligned with what I had imagined. I then asked for a logo that could communicate even more about what my company could offer, and you geniously suggested creating a pattern I could also use. I was very satisfied!

Professional approach to me as a client, and you were able to respond perfectly to my wishes. I am soo happy with the logo you have created, and will without doubt use you again when my little company needs more.

—Gro Anette Haugen, FarmPresterud

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