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GV Reklame

Website rebuild for advertising agency in Norway

Laptop showcasing a page from the GV Reklame website.

GV Reklame is a family-run advertising company in Norway, specialising in vehicle wraps, LED signs for trucks, and other signage. Healthy Pixels helped them build their new company website, from initial planning to design, development, launch and ongoing maintenance.

View the GV Reklame website


Site structure including pages and type of content


Wrote the majority of the website copy

Design and development

Fully responsive website showcasing their work and team

Defining the project scope

GV Reklame’s old website was outdated and didn’t highlight their advertising services or their portfolio particularly well. It also didn’t communicate the brand very strongly, and the advertising agency’s own brand identity wasn’t clear.

Identifying current issues helped shape the project scope, as we decided a full redesign was in need, including:

  • a change of page structure
  • new content
  • better and stronger imagery and videos
  • testimonials and case studies
  • a social media feed to keep the site up-to-date
  • and a stronger integration of their visual identity
Sitemap and schedule for the website built for GV Reklame.

Content creation

As a busy company, it was often difficult for GV Reklame to find the time to work on content and visuals. Healthy Pixels therefore helped writing the content (as a former GV employee, I had enough knowledge about the business to get a lot of this done without guidance), choosing photos and putting some video content together.

The videos are a compilation of video clips, with some simple graphics animation and a blue overlay to further build their brand identity.

Design direction

The old website was – unlike their brand identity – bright, and the photography in use was often blurry or just missing a focal point.

We swapped from the white background, to their dark navy blue. This not only complements their brand identity much better, but also helped put extra focus on visuals, or contrasting sections on white background.

Each photo put on the site was also considered in more detail; ensuring each photo is clear, communicative and truly showcases their expertise.

See the before-and-after screenshots below to see the difference.

Before and after screenshots from the GV Reklame website.

Developing the site

Like all Healthy Pixels websites, GV Reklame’s website was built in WordPress, using a custom drag and drop builder – carefully built with each specific website in mind. This build allows a seamless design experience that caters to specific layouts, brands and overall designs.

A laptop and screens showing pages from the GV Reklame website.

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