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Coloured version of the icon in the Skogn Mannskor logo.

Skogn Mannskor

Full website for a man's choir in Norway

Tablet and mobile displaying pages on the Skogn Mannskor website.

Skogn Mannskor is a male choir in Norway with roots back to 1923. I built their website first in 2019, and did a full refresh of the site in 2023 to better meet new needs and make it more modern and user-friendly.


Defined functionalities and the scope of the site, suggesting best practices and easy approaches.

Visual identity

Created logo, colour palette and selected fonts to build a stronger and more consistent identity.


Website sitemap, wireframe, web design (UI), web development, launch and ongoing maintenance.

100-year anniversary emblem for Skogn Mannskor.


As they weren’t fully sure of their requirements when they first got in touch with me, I helped organise their thoughts into manageable and practical functionalities of the site.

Logo and visual identity

I created a logo for the choir in 2019, which set guidelines for the colors and fonts used. The logo is a simple monogram of the letters S and M.

The colour palette is simple and toned down, yet poppy and with potential to be playful – all of which describe the choir itself and their values.

Two variations of the Skogn Mannskor logo.

The website

The website is clean, and with a sidebar navigation, with a focus on describing who the choir is. There is also a login feature for the members of the choir, allowing them to easily access notes, voice clips, and other updates. For those who are not logged in, it is easy to find their events and buying tickets.

As the users are of an older group that does not have any experience updating websites, I made the site as simple and straight-forward as possible. Using the Healthy Pixels drag-and-drop builder, the users can easily get the layout they want without writing any code.

In addition, I made some walkthrough videos that explain how to update the site.

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A laptop displaying pages from the Skogn Mannskor website.


Skogn Mannskor had a very good collaboration with Monika and MH Graphics [now Healthy Pixels] regarding our website. We received prompt assistance when problems arose with our old site and had a new site set up quickly and at a favourable price.

We had a simple and intuitive website set up that doesn’t require much computer expertise to keep updated. So, thank you very much for the collaboration thus far.

—Olav Reinås, Skogn Mannskor

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