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Brand and online presence limiting your results?

Creating heartwarming non-profit identities that build trust, inspire action and generate momentum.


Powerful vision, strong initiatives

Yet, you’re faced with insufficient support, resources and time.

The constant firefighting breeds a sense of inadequacy, as if your efforts are never enough. Having to repeatedly explain your initiatives makes your online presence feel pointless. And finally, you’re overwhelmed by the mere thought of posting on your website and socials to attempt to build a committed support community.

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You're not alone

Many charities are stuck with ineffective pro-bono/volunteer brands, unsure about optimal social media strategies, or coming across as less professional online.

That’s why I designed Win Momentum—a branding, website and social media package specifically made to help non-profits simplify yet optimise their identities.

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Strategy and results

  • Build a robust brand—establish trust and recognition with donors with a strong and unique brand that communicates you.
  • Develop an inspiring website—get a 24/7 partner that communicates for you and allows people to research you at their own pace.
  • Generate your tone of voice—authentically communicate what you do, why you do it, and why people should support you.
  • Optimise social media efforts—build a strong, supportive online community and maximise your reach and impact.

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Steps to success

Get the benefits of a skilled and passionate partner wanting you to succeed. Win Momentum takes the guesswork out of your brand and online presence, turning you into a confident and resourceful organisation. We’ll follow a few simple steps:


Find your North Star

Time: 1-2 weeks

In this step, we generate a voice that effectively communicates your impact and story. We get clear on your true why by assessing desired outcomes and current obstacles to define the journey ahead.

Results: confidence, directing your focus, heading towards your full potential.


Build your visual identity

Time: 3-4 weeks

In this step, I translate your North Star and thorough market research into a strong brand that wows and builds trust with donors and supporters. We weave your story into your visual identity to radiate professionalism and empathy.

Results: a robust and unique brand that complements your value and hooks people in.


Develop an effective website

Time: 6-8 weeks

In this step, we roll out your message into confident, impact-focused copy and website structure that inspires visitors to take action with an experience that resonates with your donor base and clients.

Results: a smooth and scalable website that converts visitors into supporters and appeals to major donors.


Create an online community

Time: 2 weeks

In this step, we implement a strategic organic social media strategy. I create post templates that match your new visual identity, and we map out content ideas, events and holidays to stay current and generate momentum.

Results: simplify and optimise social media efforts, build an online community and maximise your reach.


Optional addon

Data-informed monitoring and analysis

Time: Ongoing on a monthly or quarterly basis

As a done-with-you service, you get the tools to upload new content to your website and keep your socials running on your own to keep momentum going post-project.

While an optional step, it is recommended that we analyse your brand and online presence sometime after going live, using real user data. In this ongoing stage, we optimise and refine to match your steadily increasing impact.

Results: cater to all and any supporter needs, expectations and appropriate trends.

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Scaling today, and building a brighter tomorrow.